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Customer Feedback

“The meat itself – absolutely top shelf.

Vacuum pack/premium cuts – worth every cent.

The salamis – next level. Wish I got more.

Really appreciate the quality of your guys work. Thanks again.”

Paul Jeune


“Some feedback on the beef home-kill we recently had: really good!  The steak is amazing and the sausages are some of the best we’ve tasted, so well done there.”



“Thank you. The meat is divine.  Two small roasts in the crock pot and even my daughter who doesn’t like lamb loved it.

Sausages last night yum.

Fattening up the next lot!”

Jill H.

On the Look-out for Local Artisans

We have acquired a gorgeous wooden desk-like display table. The plan is to fill it up with local artisan products to give other small local businesses a retail presence. If you, or some one you know, are making gourmet chutneys/sauces/marinades/maybe cheeses/breads and cooking items like chopping boards or anything else that you would like to…

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Love and Honey and Bacon, But Mostly Love

Bacon + Honey = a match made in Heaven!   For all you Bacon Lovers out there, looking to split from those nasty preservatives, flavours and colourings…this is the Bacon you have been searching for. Made fresh in store, in the tender loving hands of our Master Butcher. This bacon has swum in the silky…

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Homekill – How does it work?

Have you been wondering what the deal is with homekill? With plenty of people flocking into Rodney for a little piece of lifestyle block paradise, we thought it was time for a quick (read: not so quick) breakdown on the homekill process.   The Booking Process  Before we can supply you with a date for…

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Christmas Hams Available to Order Now!

That’s right folks, we are taking orders for our Free Range Christmas Hams now! Our Ham’s are hand-made and smoked in a traditional wood-fired smoke house, all on-site. Secure your ham today by flicking us an email with the size of ham you would like and the date you would like to collect. We will…

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We’ll be at the A&P Show this weekend!

We had so much fun at the Helensville A&P Show last year so it was an easy decision to go again this year. We will be taking with us several different types of Salami, including our very own Chilli Mozzerella and Feta and Garlic Salami’s. These are limited edition Salami’s only! We only get around to…

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Beef Eye Fillet $20 off per kg!

Whole New Zealand, Free Range, Eye Fillet is only $34.99. Down from $54.99pkg. We will keep this special running for as long as we can order them. Could be a week, could be a month –  whatever it is – this is a special well worth taking advantage of.   The wonderful thing about whole eye fillets is that…

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